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  • June 2, 2022

    I’m in Kansas Right NowRight now I’m standing in the middle of 12,000 acres with a few thousand cattle and I’ve already put my cowboy hat on backwards three times. We also ate at Guy & Mae’s Tavern yesterday in Williamsburg, Kansas. Population 397! I’ll fill you in when I get back!$10 Million Dollar WinnerA […]

  • Around The Store With Stew

    Around The Store With Stew

    January 23, 2023Feedback From You… Do I Really Write This? I try to recap things happening around the store but, I don’t hit the “send” button right away. Rich Lung (Creative Director, 40 years at Stew’s) adds pictures. Then Meghan Bell, Director of PR, 12 years, lightly reviews but leaves in my voice. Then, Karen […]