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Arugula and Red Onion Salad

An easy, elegant starter.  You’ll love how the pepperiness of the arugula compliments the mild, fresh flavor of the red onion.


Preparation Time: 10 MINUTES

Yield: 4 servings

Measurements Ingredients Savings Availability
3/4 lb.  Arugula $ Add to Shopping list

About 6 cups

1 cup  Red Onion $ Add to Shopping list

About 1 large onion. Chopped

1/2 cup  Italian Flat Leaf Parsley $ Add to Shopping list

Finely chopped

1-1/2 tsp.  Red Wine Vinegar $ Add to Shopping list
  Salt & Pepper $ Add to Shopping list

To taste

1/4 cup  Olive Oil - 750 ml. Weekly Special $6.99 ea. - Save $3 Add to Shopping list

1. Pick over the arugula leaves and remove any tough stems. Rinse and drain the leaves well. Pat them dry or put them in a salad spinner. There should be about 6 cups, loosely packed. Put the leaves in a salad bowl and add the onion and parsley.


2. Put the vinegar in a bowl and add salt and pepper. Start whisking while gradually adding the oil. Taste for balance and seasonings. Pour the vinaigrette over the arugula and toss well.