Mediterranean Shrimp

A great make ahead dish!  Serve with pasta or as an appetizer.

Prep Time: 15 min.


Cook Time: 15 to 20 min.


Yield: About 24 shrimp

Measurements Ingredients Savings Availability
1 quart  Water

Not available at Stew's

1 tsp.  Red Pepper Flakes $ Add to Shopping list
1 tsp.  Chopped Garlic $ Add to Shopping list

About 1 large clove.

1 small  Onion $0.89 ea Add to Shopping list

Thinly sliced. (About 2/3 cup)

Juice of 1/2  Lemon $ Add to Shopping list
1 tsp. mashed  Anchovy $ Add to Shopping list

About 3 fillets. Optional

1 tsp.  Olive Oil - 750 ml. Weekly Special $5.99 ea. - Save $3 Add to Shopping list
3/4 lb.  Wild Caught U.S.A. Large Shrimp - WOW! Weekly Special $3.99 lb. - Save $5 lb. Add to Shopping list

Large. About 24

To taste  Pepper $ Add to Shopping list

1. In a pot combine the water, salt, and hot red pepper flakes. Cover and bring to a boil.


2. While the water is heating, combine in a bowl the garlic, onion, lemon juice, anchovy, and olive oil. Set aside.


3. Peel and clean the shrimp. Run a sharp knife along the back (outside) of each shrimp and remove the dark vein that runs down the middle. Cook the shrimp in the boiling water for about a minute or until they are barely pink and firm to the touch.


4. Remove the shrimp from the cooking liquid and place them in the onion mixture. Let the shrimp cool to room temperature or chill them in the refrigerator before serving. Sprinkle with black pepper. The shrimp keep for 5 days refrigerated.