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Fresh Made Holiday Sides


We'll have all of your side dishes READY TO GO...JUST HEAT & SERVE!
Made FRESH every day - just like homemade!

$13.99 ea. - 2.5 lb. Tray

That's Only $5.60 lb. !

Each side serves 6-8 guests - show below - plated as serving suggestion



Each year my wife and I approach holidays with good cook everything from scratch. But there is never enough time, as we are visiting all the stores. So, we wind up bringing home the side dishes our chefs have prepared.

Shhh...Grandma will never know! - Stew


Fresh Idaho Mashed Potatoes
Fluffy and delicious...whipped with fresh butter and spices.
Sweet Potato Mousse
Fresh yams blended with honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt and pepper.
stuffing Country Style Stuffing
Prepared with French bread, celery and fresh herbs.
green beans String Beans Almondine
Lightly sauteed with shallots and almonds.
Butternut Squash
Roasted in the classic old world style with fresh sage, olive oil, salt & pepper until tender.
Vegetable Medley
Steamed seasonal vegetables fresh from the farm to your table.