About Our Deli & Cheese Shoppe

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Deli & Cheese Shoppe Beginnings

Our Stew Leonard's deli started in 1980 with a wooden barrel covered with a red checkered table cloth and a wheel of Gouda. After we sold that first wheel we bought two more - a regular Gouda and a smoked Gouda. And we just kept building and building. Today we have a full deli department in each of our food stores. We still sell Gouda but now we sell a whole lot more. In fact, now we even make our own cheese - mozzarella - fresh every day.

What Stew's Deli Offers

At Stew's deli you'll find delicious cheeses from the U.S. and from around the world. We actually go out to visit the farms and the facilities from which our cheeses come.

And we carry a full line of deli meats - both Stew's brand and Boar's Head. We slice to order and guarantee you the freshest deli cold cuts anywhere. Plus we have a 10 foot olive bar and the absolute best chicken salad you will ever taste.

So come to Stew's deli for all you deli needs - cheeses, meats, sandwiches, and a whole lot more.