Our Famous Filet Mignon


Ask anyone about Stew's Filet Mignon, and they are sure to tell you "Stew's has the best!" It's no wonder people travel from other states just to buy our famous, fork-tender filet mignon for the holidays or for a special occasion.

Filet Mignons are cut from the whole beef tenderloin and come in a variety of options: trimmed, untrimmed, all-natural, and Prime.

Should I buy my filet Trimmed or Untrimmed?

Stew's popular beef tenderloins basically come two ways: Untrimmed with the heavy fat still on the meat; and Trimmed with the heavy fat removed before being shipped to our stores. In the end, after trimming and butchering, the meat is the same between the two. However, more people are now choosing the trimmed tenderloin because it tends to offer the better value.

already trimmed vs untrimmed filet

How to "pick a good one"

Customers will tell you "it's hard to pick out the right filet!" If you are looking for an untrimmed tenderloin, it can be a challenge to find the perfect piece because of all the heavy fat encasing the meat. The best way to pick is to find a soft piece that will bend easily. The softer piece and the more it bends, the less heavy fat you are buying. But the easiest way to pick a good one is to choose the trimmed tenderloin. Simply select the one that best matches the number of people you are serving.

At Stew Leonard's our already trimmed filets are quickly becoming the best seller – and a great value.

How much should I buy?

Each whole beef tenderloin serves approximately eight to ten people. If you are buying a trimmed tenderloin, figure on a half to three-quarters of a pound per person. For the untrimmed tenderloin, figure three-quarters to a pound per person.

What is the best way to store my filet?

Once your tenderloin is removed from its primary packaging, store it in the coldest part of the refrigerator, which is usually in the back. It should be cooked within 48 hours.


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